Welcome to Indian Biscuit Manufacturers’ Association!

  • D-1, Sector-2 NOIDA - 201301
  • Phone: 0120-2522939
  • info@ibmabiscuits.org

Rules & Procedures

  1. Membership shall consist of the different classification as may be decided by the Managing Committee.
  2. APPLICATION FOR MEMBERSHIP : Any Company/Firm or Person desiring to be a member in any of the category as may be decided by the Managing Committee under the membership rules, may apply to the Association in the form that may from time to time be prescribed by the Managing Committee for being admitted as such member.
    The Managing Committee may without assigning any? reason, decline to accept any person firm and/or company or organization to the membership of the Association.
    Provided that applicant for membership shall pay a sum of Rs.lOOQO/- towards annual membership subscription for the year 2007-08, being the first year of formation of the association and such members shall pay Entrance Fee and any other charges/contribution, as may be decided by the Managing Committee.
  3. REMOVAL OF ANY MEMBER: The Managing Committee may on its own motion or upon representation made by <~me or more members remove any existing member or members from the membership of the Association by a resolution passed by two-thirds of the members of the managing committee present and voting after giving such member an opportunity of being hoard in the matter. Such member shall be entitled to appeal to the decision of the managing committee being conveyed to him Any such appeal shall be placed for consideration before the next ordinary general meeting of the Association.
  4. AUTHORISED REPRESENTATIVE : Any member, not being an individual, shall by a resolution of its managing committee or other governing body or by writing under the hands of its duly constituted attorney, authorize from time to time any person, being preferably a member of the Biscuits manufacturing establishments or the association of the Biscuits manufacturing establishments or the institution or organization concerned, as it may think fitto act as its representative at any general meeting of the Association

We are desirous of enrolment as an Ordinary Member of the Association.