Welcome to Indian Biscuit Manufacturers’ Association!

  • D-1, Sector-2 NOIDA - 201301
  • Phone: 0120-2522939
  • info@ibmabiscuits.org

Benefits Of Membership

Dissemination of latest information/data on amendments/changes in food Laws review of prices/availability of Raw Materials ingredients fuels/wages etc. Important national/ international Events/Exhibitions relating to Biscuit/Bakery Industry, Media and other news, Through circulars IBMA Website (www.ibma.biscuits.in) and News Bulletin. IBMA takes care of grey areas affecting Small & Medium Biscuits manufacturers’ IBMA as the premier organization of Biscuit Industry, play a pivotal role in addressing important issues including:-

    1. Taxation: Reduction of Value Added Tax imposed at 12.5% to 4% and other State/Local Levies on Biscuits and its Ingredients, packaging etc.
    2. Rising Costs/Availability of Raw materials,

Wheat/Flour, Fat/Oil, Sugar, Ingredients, Fuel, Packaging, Transport etc.

  1. Food Laws Stringent amendments & unilateral enforcement in regard to

PFA Act/Rules, 1955, (Packaged Commodities) Rules, 1977, Food Safety & Standards Act/ 2006.

We are desirous of enrolment as an Ordinary Member of the Association.